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Manicures &Pedicures  
Manicure                                                        Fifteen Dollars
Pedicure                                                   Thirty- two Dollars
Spa Pedicure                                              Forty-five Dollars
Gel Manicure                                            Thirty five Dollars
Gel Pedicure                                              Forty-five Dollars
Gel Removal                                                     Five Dollars
We use USDA Certified Organic & Vegan natural nail products. Our Manicures and Pedicures are done with Certified Organic Salts, Certified Organic Scrubs and Certified Organic Lotions followed by our Vegan Nail Lacquer. All of our nail services are performed with polished that are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.
*All nail services are performed with brand new nail implements for each client. You nail kit is yours to take home.
Facials & Treatments
Facials are the first step to maintaining healthy skin. Choose the facial that is right for your skin. Alternatively, we offer deluxe treatments to target specific conditions including anti-aging treatments.  
Classic Facial                                            Eighty-five Dollars
This facial is the first step to maintaining skin health. Your service begins with a double cleansing, analysis, and exfoliation. To follow, steam is applied and extractions are performed to unclog pores. Service is concluded with a massage and a customized mask. 
Relaxation Facial                                     Eighty-five Dollars
This service is designed to relax and calm the mind and body, therefore there are no extractions. This facial opens with a cleansing followed by gentle exfoliation and steam. Next, is a warm massage designed to bring the body back in balance, which includes the face, neck, shoulders, and décolleté.
Deep Cleansing Facial                                Eighty-five Dollars
To begin, skin is given a double or deep cleansing using a rotary brush to remove all traces of debris and makeup. Next, steam is applied and skin is massaged with specific movements to further loosen impurities from clogged areas. Service concludes with a refining mask. 
Hydrating                                                       Ninety Dollars
This deep moisturizing treatment consists of cleansing, steam and massage. The highlight of this facial is the custom blended mask. Laboratory strength cosmeceuticals are custom blended specifically for you to target your exact needs.
Enzyme Facial                                              Ninety Dollars
This facial utilizes powerful enzymes from pumpkin and papaya to dissolve sluggish surface cells or dead skin and reveal healthy, smooth skin. After cleansing, skin is polished with an enzyme scrub under gentle steam. Next, a nourishing crème is applied and massaged into the skin. This service is completed with a resurfacing enzyme mask. The results are immediate.
Collagen Facial                                         Ninety-five Dollars
This anti-aging treatment begins with a cleansing, steam and massage. The highlight is the collagen mask, which works in several ways to brighten the skin, reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture and increase moisture levels. High levels of active ingredients produce significant improvement on out layers of the epidermis. 
Express Facial                                            Fifty-five Dollars
This facial is perfect for those on the go or a good maintenance between facials. Treatment consists of a light cleansing, gentle exfoliation and a customized mask. This service is a “quick version” of the Classic Facial- with no massage and no extractions.
Vitamin C Facial                                       Ninety-five Dollars
Firming Facial                                           Ninety-five Dollars

 Acne Facial (all grades)                           Eighty-five Dollars
*All facials are performed with brand new implements for each client. Your facial kit is yours to take home.
(a series of six is recommended for maximum results)
Exfoliating Eye Treatment                                       Twenty Dollars
Collagen Eye Treatment                                          Twenty Dollars
Lightening                                                          Forty-five Dollars
Glycolic or Lactic Peel                                       Forty-five Dollars

                                  Airbrush Tanning 
 Look like you just returned from a day at the beach with our subtly scented, never sticky or streaky spray tanning. Choose the depth of your tan, and from a face, upper, lower, or full body spray. Your application is applied with precision to ensure a even application and the superior solution we use ensures that your tan will develop to a beautiful bronze tan, never orange or streaky.   
Face                                                                        Seven Dollars
Legs                                                                     Twelve Dollars 
Upper Body                                                           Twenty Dollars
Full Body                                                         Thirty Five Dollars                             
5 Sessions                                     One Hundred Thirty-five Dollars
10 Sessions                                           Two Hundred Fifty Dollars
20 Sessions                                                  Five Hundred Dollars  
 Hair Removal
Eyebrow                                                                Fifteen Dollars
Lip                                                                            Ten Dollars
Chin                                                                     Twenty Dollars
Under arm                                                            Twenty Dollars
Full legs                                                            Sixty-five Dollars
Bikini                                                                    Thirty Dollars  French bikini                                                             Fifty Dollars               
 We are a registered Nufree Spa. Nufree is a botanical soy-based liquid hair remover. It is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and does not stick to skin. Therefore hair removal is 75% less painful. For all new clients a sample of our post-wax lotion is yours to take home
Eyelash Extensions
Lash extensions make your eyes look and feel fabulous! Choose a beautifully natural look, or a glamorous  dramatic look. Lash extensions remain for as long as your natural lash cycle grows. Lashes are long, lush, and pre-curled so you can put that mascara away!
Full Set                                       Two hundred ninety-nine Dollars
Maintenance                                       Fifty to Seventy-five Dollars
Body Treatments
Body Polish                                Sixty-five Dollars
Our body polish leaves your skin soft and renewed. To begin, the body is lightly massaged to increase circulation and warm the skin. Next, skin is cleansed and an exfoliant is applied and massaged over the entire body to polish and reveal fresh, new skin. The service concludes with an application of nourishing body creme.
Back Facial                                      Sixty-five Dollars
A truly pampering and relaxing treatment. All phases of this treatment include the back, neck, and arms. Treatment begins with cleansing, and then an exfoliant is massaged over the skin to remove dead cells. Next, enjoy a massage to relieve stress and tension. Lastly, a luxurious mask is applied under a warm towel.    

Aromatherapy Oil Wrap      
One Hundred-twenty Dollars
This treatment softens the skin, soothes aching muscles and calms the mind. You choice of essential oils is applied and massaged over the entire body then you are wrapped in a warm blanket while an aromatherapy facial massage is performed. An extraordinary experience. 

Makeup Application                                           Forty-five Dollars
Makeup Instruction                                             Sixty-five Dollars
Bridal Makeup                                                        Call for Prices   
We use mineral makeup that protects and corrects your skin. We offer makeup instruction and application, including bridal makeup. Our clients may purchase their customized mineral makeup.         
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